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We are the Google Adwords of Craigslist

Craigslist Dominator Version 5.0 Turbo Platform

Specializing in For Sale and Service Sections

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Craigslist Dominator Version 5.0 SEO Platform

  • Dominate Craigslist Searches in any Market for any product or service you are selling
  • Launch Your Campaign in less than 48 Hours
  • Full Back Office Tracking of your Ads

NEW Craiglist SEO Optimization Platform

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Rank #1 With Craigslist Searches in any Industry

With the Recent Changes on Craigslist they are now charging to post in MOST all For Sale by Dealer Sections. With our New By Dealer Optimization Posting Service you can now take advantage of this change to Increase your sales, get more leads and Reduce your overall Craigslist posting Budget no matter what product or service you are marketing.

Craigslist Dominator Posting Platform Features:

  • Unlimited Posting in Paid For Sale By Dealer Sections of Craigslist*
  • Full Service Ad Optimization (Your Ads #1 In Searches)
  • Full Auto-Posting and Scheduling of Your Ads
  • Full Ad Positioning Analytics
  • Full Email Auto-Reply System
  • Local and Nationwide Posting

Don't fuss with complicated Craigslist posting software!

The bottom line is Craigslist off the shelf DeskTop software cannot keep up with the constantly changing advanced Craigslist algorithms, filters and restrictions.  So even if your ads make it to Craigslist to begin with, they are quickly flagged or ghosted. At the end of the day you are left with spending hundreds of valuable hours and potentially thousands of dollars with NO ads live on Craigslist. That is not the case with AdPlotters Craigslist Posting service.

If you want results from Craigslist, then Adplotters Craigslist Posting Technology is the answer.

Dominate The Classifieds Game!
We offer a Full Range of Options to Step Your Game Up
Interactive Dashboard

See which ads are live, ghosted and flagged in real time! You can even check historical data and graphs!

Local & National Posting

Select to post in ANY city, in ANY section within our system as many times as you would like. More info

Text or Graphic Ads

Create a graphical or text based ad that details exactly what services or products you are offering.

Save Money

You are only charged for live posts, we don’t charge for Ghosted or Flagged Ads. Any ghosted ad is reposted, free of charge!

Amp Up Your Reach

Imagine posting 25, 50, & 100 ads per day all across the nation, marketing your services or products.

How to Use AdPlotters Craigslist Posting Service
1. Create Your Campaign

Our system will help you create your ads with the proper content and images. If you need help building out your Ads our team of professionals will help.

2. Choose your Markets

We will customize your Craigslist Posting package for the regions you want to market in as well as the proper section of craigslist to advertise in.

3. Monitor Your Ads

Once your campaign is built out and approved. It will go live in 24-48 hours and you will see the results of your ads being posted in your back office.

We Have Proprietary Methods for Accomplishing Success

With AdPlotter's Craigslist Posting Service your Ads are live or your NOT charged. Our professional team has been doing this for years and are always one step ahead of the constantly changing Craigslist Algorithms, filters and restrictions.

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How we have helped others.

Thanks Adplotter for handling my Craigslist Posting and marketing needs. Since using your service the amount of leads and calls we are receiving for our Insurance business has tripled from the other forms of advertising we were previously using.

Jason Cleveland, OH

What a professional service from every aspect. Their team built out the campaign for our mortgage brokerage company and had everything rolling within a matter of days. We went from 25 to 50 Ads per day within 3 months with the leads it was generating.

Frank Denver, CO

We couldn't believe the amount of traffic we got to our site once Adplotters craigslist campaign launched. What an incredible team of professionals that really know what they are doing.

Jeff San Diego, CA
Conquer Craigslist

If you want your ad to appear in more cities, get more calls, clicks and website traffic, from all over America then check out this one-of-a-kind service.

This system generated over 400 leads in less than 45 days for our Life Coach certification course. I am amazed at the power of what AdPlotters CPS did!

Berry Fowler


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