AdPlotter Direct Response Lead System

Featuring AdPlotter800 Data Capture Technology!

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  • Multiply Your Sales Organization
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Great for the following industries: MLM, Direct Sales, Real Estate
“This system generated over 400 leads in less than 45 days ...”
- B. Fowler


AdPlotter delivers your recruiting or product Ads to thousands of people! Our team of experts do this by way of Email Marketing, SMS, RVM (Ringless Voice Mail) and the cutting edge technology that put AdPlotter on the map..Classified Ad Posting (Yes! We can post your ads to popular sites like Craigslist and save you the time and hassle!)

It gets even better!

AdPlotter assigns each client an exclusive 800# that features call capture technology ! This technology triggers ALERTS to you by way of SMS and Email when your prospect is listening to your ad! Imagine knowing EXACTLY when your prospect is observing your AD and connecting with them by text or phone at the TIME they are interested!

Multiply the growth of your sales team and product sales and increase RETENTION of your business by empowering your team with a system that delivers Exclusive, Direct Response leads!

Concierge Marketing Service.

Our technical and marketing team specializes in email, text, RVM (ringless voice mail) and classified site marketing. We do the work so you can spend your time connecting with the direct response leads we generate for you! Leave the heavy lifting to us!




Classified Ads


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This system is being used by leaders of top direct sales companies to multiply the growth of their downlines and increase product sales! Empower your sales organization with EXCLUSIVE, DIRECT RESPONSE leads!

We are so confident in our system that we do not require long-term contracts. Subscribers have access to our members only marketing and promotional tools!


AdPlotter subscribers have access to additional features that will generate additional no-cost and low cost leads! Our easy to use, Ad-creation and Ad-templates empower you to expand your marketing beyond our consiegre service to Social Media and high traffic sites! Our tools and ad-templates are time tested and proven to be effective!


Ad Templates

Ad Creator

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What Does AdPlotter Do?

Adplotter creates a marketing campaign for you based on your objective (recruiting, product promotion etc). Each client is assigned an exclusive 800# featuring call capture technology. This 800# is used in the Ad campaigns we create for you. Our experienced team chooses the best option for attracting prospects to you (email, text, RVM, classifieds etc). We do the marketing, our clients do the selling! Its that simple!

Who is AdPlotter for?

Adplotter is a fit for businesses that rely on recruiting, selling and communication with customers! Our system does it all! AdPlotter is a favorite of the sales and Real Estate industry!

What can I expect?

AdPlotter offers various subscription options that provide a "range" of direct response leads to expect in each monthly campaign we conduct for our clients. While we are experts in generating direct response leads, contact and follow up with the leads we generate is the responsibility of our client. We can guarantee a "range" of response rate for RECRUITING campaigns. Product oriented campaign results vary in response rate!

Our leads are EXCLUSIVE to you!

Our system generates the lowest cost EXCLUSIVE direct response lead PERIOD. Other "lead generation" companies offer low cost "leads" that are sold and resold several times over. The lead we generate is EXCLUSIVE to you and comes in the form of a cell phone or landline number.

Our leads are DIRECT RESPONSE to you!

Each "lead" that is generated for you had to dial YOUR exclusive 800# information line and listen to some or all of a recorded message that promotes your product or opportunity. Our system then INSTANTLY notifies you by SMS and email at the time your prospect is listening and texts you the number of that prospect (even if they call from a blocked or unlisted number!). It does not get anymore direct response than that!

We offer TRANSPARENCY in our marketing and advertising for you!

There is nothing more powerful than knowing WHO is interested in what you offer, WHEN they are interested and HOW interested they are! Our system provides all of this information in real time reports that are available to you 24/7!