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Multiple Sites At Once

Get the EASY solution for quickly and easily posting One Ad to all high-traffic classified sites. No more entering the same information and uploading the same photos over and over on each site!


Ad Plotter’s technology takes a listing ad of an item and places that single ad on MULTIPLE free listing sites. Each month, Ad Plotters developers add additional sites to the listing engine which multiplies Ad-Plotters reach, thus increasing the number of people who can see your ad!

Product Features

Spend more time making money and less time trying to sell with AdPlotter, the next best thing in online selling. Get MAXIMUM exposure for your items by posting them to multiple sites with just a few clicks. Post to more sites using Ad-Plotter in 10 minutes than you could post manually in 30 days. Each month, AdPlotter developers add additional sites to this listing engine which multiplies Ad-Plotter's reach.

Save time

By using AdPlotter, you will be saving time by entering your items information ONCE. Our automated posting system will then take your ad and post it to other sites within the AdPlotter listing network while you sleep!

Fast & Easy to use

We tested the AdPlotter system with people who have very little computer knowledge and they all were impressed with the SIMPLICITY of use of this program. Ad Plotter is easy and fun to use!

target listing

Choose the best category for your ad as well as region where you prefer for your ad to be seen and let the Ad Plotter automated posting system do the rest of the work for you!

More Views

AdPlotter "PLOTS" your ad on multiple, high traffic listing sites, thus increasing your ads exposure! The more views your ad gets, the better chance you will have for selling your product or service

Get Started FREE


Experience the ULTIMATE Ad-Posting technology available! This technology is simple to use and most important, it will save you TIME and can make you MONEY! We are so confident you will enjoy using AdPlotter that we are giving you a FREE 30 Day trial which will allow you to use AdPlotter to multi-post on the many sites that AdPlotter "Plots" to!

The internet has millions of free classifieds and you may or may not be utilizing them but you should. The problem is how can you successfully post ads into enough free online classifieds to create good results and not spend hours typing them manually.


When you register an AdPlotter Basic, Premium or Platinum account, your options multiply for boosting your ads exposure, enhancing your ads appearance, adding unique features to your ad and promoting your ad in national classified print publications! These premium services are not currently available at the free level. Members who qualify for our premium services receive virtual coins each month that can be used towards benefiting from these added features. If you run out of coins it is easy to replenish your account!


The SpeedPass

Speed Pass enables your ad to be placed in a SEPARATE line where it can reach its destination much faster!

MULTI-City Posting

Maximize your product or services exposure by reaching people in over 200 cities and all at one time.

Auto ad repost

Have your Ad Automatically Re-Posted once your Ad has expired! Saving you valuable time.

Video links

Get the ability to post your Ad along with a video url you provide to help convery your message!

Add Extra photos

The more pictures you post of your product the more interest people have in purchasing!

Place ad in print

Place your Ad in Print Publications in the markets you specify. Coming Soon!

Adplotter PRO
The AdPlotter PROFESSIONAL account is designed for Pawn Shops, Antique Dealers, Auto Dealerships, Etc.

AdPlotter now offers its unique, turn-key platform for commercial use and provides the business owner the AdPlotter product listing engine on a dedicated virtual server, providing faster speeds for posting ads, dedicated tech support, monthly system updates.

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Unlimited Number of Listings Per Month
Includes All Available Listing Sites
Unlimited use of Multi-City Posting Engine
Auto Repost Ads Feature


What Does AdPlotter Do?

AdPlotter takes placing classified ads to a new level by developing a tool that is powerful and easy to use. You now have the ability to tap the powerful world of classified advertising. And because "time is money" our software can make your internet classified promotions easier while cutting hours off your advertising time thereby cutting cost. AdPlotter makes posting free ads possible in a cost-effective way. Post ads on premier classified sites whenever you want on a regular basis!

Who is AdPlotter for?

Anyone wanting the ability to promote their products month after month on a massive scale! Although No submission software on the market can guarantee a particular result, AdPlotter can increase sales and exposure. Our software is accurate and powerful; we are very assured of its free ad posting capabilities.

AdPlotter is the one and only tool for individuals that seriously want to take advantage of posting free classified ads on the web.

What can I expect?

There is no standard when it comes to internet sales; results are based on how effective your ad copy is, how frequent your ad is posted and to where its posted and much more. We guarantee to get your ads posted. Whether your ads makes the sale will depend on the quality of your ads, website and your product or service.

Why Should I Upgrade?

You will have increased exposure month after month. If you don't do so hot one week in the classifieds, change your ad text and try again. The registered version has unlimited usage. "Unrestricted access and volume is the key to successful classified marketing and promotion". You will have the right tool and formula that works for you.

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