Attract The BEST Quality Prospects with AdPlotter’s Smart800Ads
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If you want to sell more products or recruit more team members, AdPlotter's Smart800Ad system can generate higher quality prospects thanks to the power of 24/7 Recorded Info and Data Capture technology!


Add Credibility in a Non-Threatening Way

A 24/7 recorded message enables you to reach out to your prospects, customers and clients around the clock in a non-threatening and credible way. Many people are hesitant to call and speak to a live person for fear of getting a pushy salesperson on the other end with a high-pressure sales pitch. But with a recorded message you put those fears to rest, while you increase your business's integrity.

Studies show that a publicly accessible recorded message is perceived by callers to be much more believable and credible than a live salesperson delivering a pitch. -

Save Time and Money While Setting Yourself Apart from the Pack

Using 24/7 recorded message hotlines saves you huge amounts of time, since the system sifts, sorts and screens out prospects who do not have a high level of interest. Because of this built-in screening process, you are assured of getting pre-qualified, warm prospects rather than time-wasting "tire kickers" who are merely window shopping. Moreover, 24/7 recorded message hotlines are a surefire way to recession-proof your business by branding yourself as an information provider. When you position yourself in this way, you not only differentiate yourself from your competitors and get out of the rut of doing the same old thing everybody else is doing, but you also build rapport and trust.

I have been monitoring this system and am amazed at the results this technology brings.
- David Manning
CEO of PayCationTravel
Discover A New Way of Connecting Your Business

We assign you a unique Smart 800# with multiple "extensions" which can be used for various 24 hour info voice ads. These voice ads can be up to 2 minutes in length and can describe your product, opportunity or present a special promotion. We offer full support in the set up of your Smart 800#.


With your 800# you receive up to 100 EXTENSIONS. Each extension can represent a different voice ad campaign. For example, extension 50 could be an ad about a weight loss product free sample offer.


You get direct calls, texts, emails or all of the above from people who have listened to your Smart800AD and are INTERESTED! Our clients LOVE Smart800Ads because they INSTANTLY know when a prospect is calling the Smart800 number, and our system captures that callers phone number (EVEN BLOCKED NUMBERS!).


Direct sellers, realtors, auto dealers and MLM representatives now have a way to create the best quality leads for a fraction of what it would cost if going through lead brokers. Savings you can use to take vacations and travel the world.

The Ultimate Way To Generate Direct Response Leads For Your Business!
1. Create Your Smart800Ad

Use AdPlotter to easily create your Smart800Ad featuring your 800# and 24/7 recorded info!

2. Blast Your Smart800Ad

AdPlotter runs nationwide GROUP Smart800Ads every day and has created a way to give multiple Smart800Ad marketers exposure.

3. Track Your Smart800Ad

Once your campaign is built out and approved, it will go live in 24-48 hours and you will see your ads being posted in your back office.

How we have helped others.

I have used many lead generation programs in my long MLM career and this is the most effective self-serve lead generation program I have ever used. In one month, the Smart800AD system generated over 75 leads!

- Michael Rivera
Executive Diamond

This system generated over 400 leads in less than 45 days for our Life Coach certification course. I am amazed at the power of the Smart800AD system!

- Berry Fowler
Founder Of Sylvan Learning Center
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  • What this option includes:
  • Smart 800 Ad System
  • Guaranteed 2-5 calls to your Smart800#
  • Placement in Monthly lead generation rotator
  • Ad templates for posting to social media
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  • What this option includes:
  • Smart 800 Ad System
  • Guaranteed 20-30 calls to your Smart800#
  • Customized Monthly Boost Campaign
  • Ad templates for posting to social media